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Straker will provide the Source Materials (and any other information reasonably required by the Translator) to the Translator by providing the Translator with login details to access Straker’s ‘Workbench’ application (‘Login Details’). The Translator understands and acknowledges that with access to Straker’s Workbench application, the Translator has access to Confidential Information (which includes the Source Materials) and to use of valuable Intellectual Property owned by Straker.

Accordingly the Translator must use the Login Details only for the provision of Services for which they were provided and must not: (a) disclose the Login Details to Straker’s Workbench application to any other person, or make the Login Details available to anyone or share the Login Details with anyone in any way and will not record the Login Details where they could be seen by anyone; (b) copy in any way all or any part of: (i) the screens; or (ii) the processes occurring via the Straker Workbench application, to which the Translator has access via the Login Details, whether by screen capture, print screen, photograph, video or otherwise or allow any other person to view those screens or processes in any way.